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7.16.18 Love Letters Visits Bosnia

We are thrilled that vulnerable children are using Love Letters for Literacy to learn English in Bosnia! Thanks TWI4KIDS for partnering with us to #spreadliteracy!

7.17.18 Donating Literacy Packets to the Baring Crisis Nursey

These adorable little ones at the Baring House Crisis Nursery are so happy to get their Love Letters for Literacy Packets! We love that we are helping them learn to read!!! Honored to work with YSI - Youth Service, Inc. and Netter Center for Community Partnerships at Penn to do good!

Thanks to Volunteers Who Wrote These Beautiful Notes

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers who write such beautiful letters to be included in our Love Letters for Literacy packets! Let us know if you want to help!

Thanks to BBYO Teens Who Made Packets

Thanks for teen volunteers who made more Love Letters packets.  Every packet helps another child learn to read! 

Lea School Love Letters Events

Loved providing all the Lea kindergarten and first grade students with Love Letter Packets. Thanks to Circle K students for helping! 

College Circle K Volunteers Help Make Letter Packets

Thanks to all the many Circle K College students who gathered to spend hours making Love Letters for Literacy Packets! 

Teen Volunteers Make Packets

Thanks to all our teen volunteers who make letter packets! 

Clementon Library Family Literacy Event

Loved providing Love Letters Literacy Packets to families in Clementon. Thrilled to partner with the NJ Department of Labor and Bags of Books. 

Thomas Dudley School Family Literacy Night

Thrilled to have provided Love Letters packets to the families of Thomas Dudley School in Camden.  Food, fun and literacy!! We provided packets in both English and Spanish. 

5.12.16 Thrilled to meet more children at Lindenwold Preschool

We love the Lindenwold Preschool students.  They had so much fun playing literacy games! The children each filled a bag full of books to take home to read over the summer - thanks Bags of Books! We can't wait to come back to Lindenwold! 

4.15.2016 Love Letters Packets are Distributed at Lindenwold Preschool

We loved playing letter games with the students at Lindenwold Preschool.  They were so excited to show us that they know the sounds the letters make.  Each child went home with a Love Letters Packet and a bag full of books courtesy of Bags of Books.  

We love partnering with the Green Lab at the YALE School.  They have been busily making packets for us for OVER ONE YEAR!!!  We love their easy to read packets.  Thanks for all you do!  As YALE says on its website, "The Love Letters project is an ideal example of the kind of community involvement we are looking for at Green Tech Activity Lab. Our students are able to put their cutting/pasting/laminating/assembly skills to use in a real world application, and for a great cause! Their hard work has inspired many other schools and organizations to get involved!"

3.6.16 Thanks to Temple Emanuel Sisterhood for Making Love Letters Packets

During Temple Emanuel's Sisterhood Retreat, the women's community service project for the weekend was creating beautiful Love Letters Packets to be shared with a preschool with children from lower income neighborhoods.  Thanks so much for donating your time and working so hard to create such creative packets. 

3.2016 We are thrilled to partner with a Vocational Skills Program in Gloucester

Another school has decided to create a program to have their vocational students create Love Letter Packets for local children who can use the benefit of this early education packets.  We can't wait for your Love Letters event in April! Thanks.

3.2016 Love Letters Partners with San Diego School!

Love Letters is excited to announce that a school in San Diego is making Love Letters packets to provide to the San Diego KIPP Charter School.  Thanks so much for joining Love Letters work to promote early childhood literacy! 

2.12.16 Thomas Dudley School Love Letters Distribution Event

The Thomas Dudley School's 6th, 7th and 8th graders worked hard to make Love Letter Packets for the younger children in their own school.  To celebrate they had a Literacy Day Party where they invited in parents, the older children read to the younger children and they all played letter games together.  Thanks to Bags of Books for providing each younger child with a bag full of free books to take home and keep!  We loved bringing Love Letters to Thomas Dudley! 

1.31.2016 Thanks to BBYO Teens for Working Hard to Create Love Letters Packets!

We are so excited that BBYO Teens decided to spend their time creating packets to be provided to preschool children who can use this extra help to learn their letters.  Thanks for your continued dedication to community service.

8.2015 Huey School Distribution Event in West Philadelphia

What a wonderful event!  Jordan taught young pre-readers how to play with the Love Letter packets that the children received to take home.  Then Jordan partnered with Bags of Books to create a "pop-up" store for the children to select an entire bag full of free books to take home.  The children loved playing with the Love Letters packets made by Haddonfield Middle School students and the Y.A.L.E. School of Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  Thanks to all our partners for helping making this a huge success!  We can't wait to go back to Huey with more packets!

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