Love Letters for Literacy is a service organization that makes kids LOVE LEARNING THE LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET! By providing pre-readers from lower income neighborhoods with packets of handmade letters and teaching their family to play games with the letters, these children are more likely to start reading at a younger age. Love Letters packets engages families to make learning letters into a game. Each child also gets to select a bag of books to take home to keep! Love Letters promote literacy while encouraging a lifelong love of reading!




Anyone of ANY age and ANY ability can help make Love Letters packets to donate!  Each packet comes with a personalized letter from the person who makes their packet! We are proud to have children up through adults working on creating these packets.  We have had children who are residential patients in pediatric care facilities donate their time to make a difference in other children's lives!  We have many autistic and special needs individuals of all ages who take great pride that they are able to help others by making these Love Letters packets! Art students, parents, grandparents, Girl Scouts, seniors, women's groups... literally anyone can and has helped us create these one of a kind educational packets!


If you want to get involved please email us at loveletters.literacy@yahoo.com. 



Instagram: @lovelettersliteracy

Facebook: Love Letters Literacy Project